Professional Derma

Professional Derma is a Swiss biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative medical devices to treat different pathologies. Dermal Biorevitaliser - Jalupro Classic is a sterile resorbable injectable solution that acts – as dermal bio-revitaliser which can be used for improving skin texture and minimising evidence of skin wrinkles of the face; – as an adjuvant in the physical or chemicals treatments such as peeling, laser therapy, dermabrasion, radiofrequency, dermal filler, botulinum toxin, etc. Jalupro HMW - is a sterile resorbable injectable solution that acts – as a dermal bio-revitaliser that can be used for the treatment of skin defects and depressions caused by wrinkles and scars. It has been studied to provide a bio-revitalising action in areas where the skin is very marked (ruts, depressions and deep wrinkles). Jalupro Super Hydro V-Lift; Contains 80mg of Hybrid HA. (Contains two different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid.) This structure has an effect that provides a strong lifting effect and saturates the skin with moisture. With its rich amino acid combination, it supports and strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the structures of the face. Also with peptide molecules such as Acetyl Decapeptide 3, Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5, Oligopeptide 24; Provides long-term fibroblast activation. It is beneficial with its slowing and restorative effects in time-dependent degenerative changes of collagen and skin.