In the aesthetic medicine sector, practitioners are exposed to IBSA through their dermatology product Profhilo. However, the broader medical fraternity is well versed in the IBSA through its continued innovation across multiple divisions of the medical industry. Endocrinology with their infertility research offering a range of Medically-Assisted Procreation (MAP) solutions. Endocrinology, IBSA has developed innovative liquid and soft capsule formulations of hormones and supplements for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Osteoarticular through pain management with drug-in-adhesive medicated patches and various types of product for oral and intra-articular use. Cardiometabolic, for the cardio-metabolic area, IBSA also recently developed two nutraceutical formulations, whose ingredients include monacolin k, which facilitates the maintenance of normal plasma cholesterol levels. Respiratory, In addition to its mucolytic products, the IBSA range also includes other products containing hyaluronic acid that are indicated as adjuvants in the treatment of a number of respiratory conditions. In the dermatology area, IBSA has developed a portfolio of products containing hyaluronic acid obtained through a patented and certified biofermentation process. The range of products containing hyaluronic acid also features cosmetic products (one spray and one gel formulation) indicated for the treatment of skin irritations of various origins (wind, sun, cold, sweat, shaving, cosmetic treatments and tattoos). Across many therapeutic areas, IBSA has used Hyaluronic Acid in many forms, highlighting its importance in the human body.