About Us

Located on the North Side of Dublin in Red Leaf Business Park Donabate. Our vision is to provide a competitive edge to the medical aesthetic sector in Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

We know what is essential to the practitioner and aesthetic clinic; we have been in the sector for nearly two decades—competitively priced products sourced from the EU and UK. Since Brexit, single practitioners have found it virtually impossible to source products from the UK. Fees, import duties, and the general issues caused by Brexit have made many clinics source their products elsewhere. We aim to bring competitively priced aesthetic medicine products to the Irish market quickly delivered via DPD. 

We can also facilitate the training required to keep pace with the dynamic aesthetic sector. As you support us, we want to help you with a range of discounts on new products as they launch in other countries. Quite often, Ireland runs a little behind the UK & France with emerging therapies; we aim to bring new products to the Irish market to stay on-trend. 

Genuine Products

All our products are 100% genuine fresh products, and we source them outside of Ireland for competitiveness. It is unfortunate that due to the market size in Ireland, many distributors and manufacturers run what we colloquially call the Irish tax. While larger clinics can take the effort to source outside of Ireland, it is often a time-consuming exercise and requires more planning for stock control. Single-operator practitioners often have no choice but to pay the elevated prices found in the Irish market, which makes it even harder for them to stay competitive against larger operators with a budget for bulk buying. 

A vision of a changing sector

The aesthetic sector is an innovatively driven, science-backed market that continues to grow year after year. We have witnessed the growth of regenerative skin health products; this remit is all about using the body's regenerative ability with a little help from science. 

  • Reduce skin laxity 
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Collagen production 

Products like Profhilo, Jalupro, treatments such as PDO threads and medical needling all lean into the regenerative skin health treatment portfolio. This is one of the most exciting directions the industry is going. We will be active in sourcing the latest products and complementing training to facilitate practitioners to benefit from the latest aesthetic science has to offer. While we believe dermal filler will continue to hold an important place in the market, it is regenerative skin health products and treatments that will experience the greatest growth in the market. 


Currently, we are not supplying POM, prescription-only medicine. However, this will change, we are actively working towards the requirements needed to become a wholesaler for POM. We expect to have this in place in 2025. 

Help us help you

What if we don't have the product you are looking for? If you cannot find a specific product then let us know, if it is feasible to stock the required product we will do our utmost to source that for you. 

Our aim

We are not looking to simply be a wholesaler, we are looking to be a supportive partner to your practice. Over time, we will add more resources to help you grow your practice in the forms of training products, marketing support, and strategic alliance to help you build your business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.